Here are some helpful hints and guidelines for preparing both your quilt top and backing fabric for quilting on a longarm quilt machine.

* When preparing your backing, please cut off any selvage edges (they cause puckering) and use a 1/2 inch seam.  Press the seams open for best results. 

Square your quilt top and backing fabric. This will ensure a beautiful finished quilt! We pin the top and bottom of your backing fabric to rollers.  If the fabric is not square, it will not mount correctly and therefore creates the potential for puckers, pleats and/or little tucks.  

Precision Quiltworks has a policy that we will never load a quilt backing that is not square.  
We will call you and have you square it yourself or offer to square it for a fee.  

Unclear as to how to go about squaring up your backing and top? 
You can find assistance and tutorials at the following sites:

Press both your quilt top and backing remembering to press any seams in the backing fabric open. This ensures a smooth, lump free backing. 

When pressing any quilt block or top, always remember the motto:
"Place and Press, don't Slide and Glide!"

* The backing fabric must be 4 inches larger than quilt top on each side. 
This allows the fabric needed to properly load your backing on the rollers and also clamp the quilt on the sides. 
if your quilt top measures 80" x 80", 

the backing should measure at least 88" x 88" 

Trim any selvage edges and clip all loose threads. 

* Mark top center of quilt with a safety pin. 

* Do not pin or baste your quilt together.

Preparing Your Quilt and Backing​